Writing to Impala using Simba JDBC driver


Can someone point me to the correct version of JDBC drivers. I tried with 2.5.5 and 2.5.42 versions.

Error while executing a node: [Simba]ImpalaJDBCDriver ERROR processing query/statement. Error Code: 0, SQL state: TStatus(statusCode:ERROR_STATUS, sqlState:HY000, errorMessage:AnalysisException: Syntax error in line 1:
…default.dc_barcode_test1 (“dc_barcodehistoryid” TEXT N…

CAUSED BY: Exception: Syntax error
), Query: CREATE TABLE default.dc_barcode_test1 (“dc_barcodehistoryid” TEXT NOT NULL, “cdotypeid” INTEGER , “changecount” INTEGER , “historymainlineid” TEXT , “historyid” TEXT , “txnid” TEXT , “datacollectiondefid” TEXT , “assemblypartnum” TEXT , “containername” TEXT , “customerserialnum” TEXT , “engrdatadefid” TEXT , “errabbr” TEXT , “finerrabbr” TEXT , “fintestresult” INTEGER , “isretest” TEXT , “modulepartnum” TEXT , “moduleserialnum” TEXT , “moduletype” TEXT , “originalpartnum” TEXT , “rework” TEXT , “specdate” TEXT , “specfreq_ghz” DOUBLE PRECISION , “specversion” TEXT , “testduration_s” INTEGER , “testoperator” TEXT , “testresult” INTEGER , “teststation” TEXT , “testversion” TEXT , “whichtest” TEXT ) .


Seahorse was tested with various JDBC drivers and was working fine. Could you send us your workflow or describe what are you trying to achieve? Maybe then we can give you a solution to your problem.


I am trying to write to an impala table using JDBC driver. The driver(stage) is generating the query mentioned above, which is throwing a syntax error.

Its a simple pipeline. I am reading from SL Server using JDBC driver and writing to Impala using JDBC driver.

Kamesh Peri


Could you tell me what operations are you using? Is it simple ReadDataFrame/WriteDataFrame operations or is there anything more? You could also send screenshot of your workflow or export your workflow (remember to remove any sensitive data).


The operation is write data frame. The error was included in the thread. I will send a screen shot… Can you send me a pipeline with a working write dataframe to Impala using JDBC connector…

Kamesh Peri