Specifying the order of nodes in User Defined group


When creating custom operations, I’d like to be able to specify the ordering that they appear in the “User defined” group in the new node menu. Is there any way to do this, or to define custom groups?


Explicit ordering for user defined operation isn’t implemented. Explicit naming categories also isn’t implemented. There is github issue requesting this feature here https://github.com/deepsense-ai/seahorse/issues/15.

Some ordering can be achieved by naming jars / naming operations.
Jars are read in order listFiles() returned. (https://github.com/deepsense-ai/seahorse/blob/master/seahorse-workflow-executor/deeplang/src/main/scala/ai/deepsense/deeplang/CatalogRecorder.scala#L50)
Operations are read by Reflections getTypesAnnotatedWith(classOf[Register]) and then converted toSet (https://github.com/deepsense-ai/seahorse/blob/master/seahorse-workflow-executor/deeplang/src/main/scala/ai/deepsense/deeplang/refl/CatalogScanner.scala#L73)


Implementation idea: Allow ai.deepsense.deeplang.refl.Register to have two optional parameters: a groupName: String and priority: Int, to be used by the frontend to group and order DOperations.