How to compile test code in IntelliJ


When attempting to compile the Scala project in IntelliJ, it gets hung up compiling test and integration test code, with errors such as the following:

    Error:Error:line (51)Cannot find an implicit ExecutionContext. You might pass
an (implicit ec: ExecutionContext) parameter to your method
or import
      val presetService = new PresetService(presetStore, workflowStorage,
    Error:Error:line (51)not enough arguments for constructor PresetService: (implicit ec: scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext)ai.deepsense.workflowmanager.PresetService.
Unspecified value parameter ec.
      val presetService = new PresetService(presetStore, workflowStorage,

I get about 350 of these errors. The code builds fine in sbt (at least insofars as sbt test works), so I suspect this is just IntelliJ misinterpreting some sort of settings in sbt.

Does anyone know if there’s a tweak to the module configuration I can manually do to get the build to work in IntelliJ? I’m actually not able to find where an implicit ExecutionContext is being resolved in sbt, but assumed it was via some test environment mix-in.